I am 1-5 years old, I truly enjoy computers and I also understand more concerning them than my parents. I'm-not a mad super 15-year aged, I am mature and I am a Sophomore in Hs, requiring AP Biology and Algebra 2 Trig. I required a-one-quarter optional course in 8th level on fundamental internet layout and I presumed it was extremely trendy. I am constructing this Dec 25 for gambling to a Computer, and I would like to acquire some type of software for internet layout, like possibly, and Adobe Dreamweaver or some thing an Idiots publication on Web Design. I got truly great at it and easily used and discovered for annually or 2, might I manage to construct fundamental sites for customers? Trigger I actually need to get an occupation shortly and that I do not actually understand how much cash you can make creating sites. Any remarks??

asked May 09 '14 at 07:22

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