I understand really, really small about webdevelopment. I understand somewhat about Hypertext Markup Language. What 's the first point to understand? I 'm searching at classes, please I'd like to understand that should follow next, and which of these lessons I will consider first to start assembling a base:

--Webdevelopment With CSS and XHTML --MySQL With PHP --Javascript --PERL I

I do not understand where to begin, thank for directing me in the correct way.

asked May 09 '14 at 01:26

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I urge because it's the basis of web site that you just should understand more the principles of Hypertext Markup Language. The information victimization will be handled by Php from making a depending claims to delivering information in to the Web Designing, knowing the principles you are able to continue to PHP since Hypertext Markup Language deliver and may simply show information from additional internet site you've. To improve the GUI of your web site you are able to utilize JAVASCRIPT for the discussion to Cascading Style Sheets and an individual and XHTML for the internet design

answered May 09 '14 at 01:27

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