What's the best name for my website?

asked Oct 01 '13 at 04:41

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 [SEO leads][1]  Agree with keeping it simple ... keywords in your website address will help the SEO rankings.

You are probably best keeping a simple title and have a "playful" motto afterwards if you want some creativity.

E.g. Leeds Tourism, Visit Leeds, My Leeds etc.

Then a motto : "All roads to Leeds" etc.

answered Oct 01 '13 at 04:45

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HI whether you want to choose domain name for your website ..Then i will refer you to approach XnYnZ.com you just share ideas about your website to them .Then they will list out all possible domain names related to that keyword which are available to register ..You can choose one among them and register it with them same vendor for reliable cost ....

answered Jan 08 '15 at 21:58

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